An Ode to Abs


I have been trying to get back into poetry, lately. Here’s an original by me - it really comes from the heart. I call it: “An Ode to Abs.”

An Ode to Abs
By Melissa Perincheril

Oh abs, where did you go?
You were here, and
Your ripples were like waves of delight.
Now I can’t find you, in any light.

Sometimes, I twist,
Sometimes, I turn,
Sometimes, I think I’ve found you.
Oh, when will I learn!

Sometimes, I laugh, and I catch glimpses of you.
But maybe that’s just wishful thinking, too. 

I plank, and I push.
I crunch, and I sweat.
I drink soda,
And, immediately, I feel regret.

I go to the “gym,” and I “work out.”
I’m not sure what all the fuss is about.
We had quite the Summer. Then Winter cut like a knife.
Because after the holidays, you walked out of my life.

You are gone, as quickly as you came.
But having loved you, I will never be the same.

I will dig down deep and find you again.
That’s my promise to you, my friend.
Maybe I will see you again some day,
But, next time, I hope YOU promise to stay.


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