Top 5 Gyms in Seattle


Seattle is a great place for people who lead active lifestyles. Runner’s World Magazine deemed Seattle the second best city for running (out of 50!). Similarly, Seattle made the Top 5 on Business Insider’s list of the “50 Most Active Cities in the U.S.” If you are new to Seattle, already living in Seattle, or trying to lead a more active lifestyle but don’t know where to start, here are just a few gyms you should check out!

1. X-Gym (Seattle/Kirkland)

With locations in Seattle and Kirkland, this gym is one of the most accessible out there. X-Gym is particularly great for people new to fitness. The instructors make you feel comfortable working out and push you to do your best. You can really tell they care. They offer personal training and group classes. Additionally, their unique methods are easy to understand and guarantee the best (not to mention SAFEST) results. Not only will you learn a lot about fitness and nutrition, but you’ll leave knowing you have a great network of support with the trainers at this gym.

2. Stone Gardens (Bellevue)

This rock climbing gym is awesome. They offer many courses, and after a safety orientation, you are free to boulder! The staff is friendly and helpful; if you are struggling on a route, they are eager to assist you. The gym also has a great training area where you can get your weight lifting and cardio in. Gyms can be intimidating, and specialty gyms can be even more intimidating for first-timers, but Stone Gardens makes rock climbing accessible to everyone.

 3. Pure 8 (Issaquah)

If you love hot yoga, you’ll love Pure 8. They offer many types of yoga. I recommend trying them all to find your favorite! The instructors are talented and incredibly supportive. They do a great job of guiding their class through each pose. But what I find most impressive, is how safe they make their classes. They do an amazing job of showing their students each progression of a pose and helping students challenge themselves without hurting themselves. Movement practice is very important to improve longevity, and this is a great environment to practice in. For more information on movement practice, visit “Movement Practice and Your Sport.”

 4. Barre 3 (Bellingham/Seattle/Vancouver and more)

Barre is a cross between yoga, pilates, and ballet, but don’t worry, this class is far from stuffy! The instructors are kind and fun. The classes are challenging, but you will forget you’re working out! Routines are done to the beat of pop songs. The workouts are accessible for people of all ages and skill levels. Go alone or make a Girls’ Day of it! The instructors will make you want to come back again and again!

5. OUTSIDE! (Washington)

There are trails and lakes and boulders all over the Seattle area! Go running, biking, or hiking! There are great parks like Green Lake that offer 5k series for runners or Mercer Slough where you can find reasonable kayak rentals! If hiking is your thing, then the I-90 corridor is a great place to go. Washington’s mild climate and weather is perfect for outdoor activities and being outside is proven to help improve your mood and mental state so take advantage of a top destination in the U.S. for outdoor fitness!